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Training - V-Ray 3 for Rhino

Rendering by: Dave Shultze

V-Ray for Rhino is a high quality rendering plugin for Rhinoceros 3D application. V-Ray has one of the best balance of speed and rendering quality.

We provide training to Rhino users who want to get up to speed with rendering using V-Ray.

Training course covers the following:

  • Understanding V-Ray for Rhino Interface
  • Render Options
  • Material Editor and Usage
  • Lights Characteristics
  • Understanding Material in V-Ray
  • Texturing Types
  • Texture Coordinates
  • Environmental Lighting
  • Light and Shadow adjustment
  • Adjusting Camera
  • Physical Camera
  • Sun and Sky
  • Mesh Setting
  • Resolution of Image
  • GI Methods and settings
  • Product studio setup
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