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Rhinoceros - System Requirements

Rhino 5 runs on ordinary Windows desktop and laptop computers, with:


  • At least 600 MB free disk space.
  • 1 GB RAM. 8 GB or more is recommended.
  • DVD drive or an Internet connection for installation.
  • OpenGL 2 capable video cards. More technical recommendations here.
  • System requirements are subject to changes without notice. Please contact us for additional info.
  • Supports 3Dconnexion 3D mouse. Contact us for information on supported 3D mouse models.

Operating systems

  • Rhino 5 runs on Windows 7 in 32bit and native 64bit (recommended)
  • Rhino 5 runs on Windows 8 in 32bit and native 64bit (recommended)
  • Rhino 5 runs Windows Vista (32bit and native 64bit) and Windows XP (32bit only)
  • Please check with us for more details on installing Rhino 5 on Windows XP (64bit)
  • Please check with us for more details on installing Rhino 5 on an Intel Mac with BootCamp or Parallels.
  • Rhino 5 will not run on Windows NT, 95, 98, or ME.
  • Rhino 5 does not run natively on the Mac OSX, Linux, or any other operating system not listed above.
  • A Mac version of Rhino is under development. More details are available here.


  • Internet connection is required for download of installer since end 2014 as the software is delivered as activation code only without DVD
  • Internet connection is required for license validation (registration and activation) directly from within the application or optionally via email (from installed PC or another PC)
  • Internet connection is required to check for and download software updates (service pack release)

Additional hardware and system recommendations from other Rhino 5 users are available here.

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Are you still using an earlier version of Rhino?

If you have one of the following,
- Rhinoceros 1.0
- Rhinoceros 2.0
- Rhinoceros 3.0
- Rhinoceros 4.0

... you are eligible to buy the Rhinoceros 5 upgrade license.

The Rhinoceros 5 upgrade commercial license is USD495.00 only. Buy it now! Call us now for the best upgrade offers!

Each existing license is entitled for one upgrade only. Call us or check directly with McNeel & Associates if you need to verify eligibility for upgrade.

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