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Rhinoceros® is a free form 3D modeling software for industrial design and creative works. It is developed by Robert McNeel & Associates.

Built on the principles of NURBS geometry, Rhinoceros can define and create curves, surfaces and solids with unparalleled accuracy and flexibility and there is virtually no limit on the complexity or size of the design work that Rhinoceros can handle.  It is one of the most easiest 3D modelling software to learn and use.

The current version is Rhino 5 (for Windows PC) with a Mac version of Rhino still in development.

Rhino is now faster and able to handle much larger models and projects.  Rhino 5, the current version, brings together more than 3,500 enhancements that are the result of 5 years of development and alongside the concurrent field testing by more than 40,000 pre-release users.  Detailed information about the improvements are available here at Rhino official product website.

Summary of Improvements and New Features

Take a quick 25 minute-look (video below) at the new features and improvements in Rhinoceros 5. Topics include User Interface, History, Display & Rendering, Editing, Large Project, 2D Annotation and Zoo 5.  For more details on what's new in Rhino 5 go here.

How is Rhino different?

How is Rhino different from other modeling and 3D software?
The primary differences between Rhino and other 3-D software products are:

  • Unlike most modeling products, Rhinoceros 3D modeller works well as standalone solution and also as a companion to other modeling and graphics products. In order to work with Rhino, other products don’t need to be Rhino plug-ins.
  • Rhino supports file formats that cross the 2D and 3D boundaries of CAD, CAM, CAE, multimedia, illustration, and graphics.
  • Rhino will model anything accurately. For simple shapes, other products can be more efficient, but with Rhino, you will always be able to finish the model—no matter how complex.
  • Rhino is easy to learn.  It is much easier to pick up the basics of 3D design if you use Rhinoceros 3D modelling software as your foundation.
  • Rhino is low cost. The cost is a mere fraction of the cost of other software of similar capability.

Why you should use Rhino?

You should consider Rhinoceros if:

  • You’re still working only in 2-D and want to transition to a stable and 3-D platform.
  • Your current modeling software, is not accurate enough for manufacturing.
  • You need access to many different file types to complete your project.
  • You need better free-form modeling tools that work side-by-side with your other CAD software.
  • You don’t want to spend large sums on software license, license renewals, maintenance and support.
  • You need 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week online support without charges and restrictive conditions.
  • You want direct access to the developers of the software.
  • You would like invest in a software product that has been field tested by thousands of end-users before it was released.
  • You would like to have a 3D software that has numerous add-on products, including 3rd party solutions, for your industry specific requirements.

Try Rhino 5 Today!

Try the unrestricted evaluation version for 90 days. After 90 days saving and plug-ins stop working, unless you buy a license.

Contact us for purchase enquiries after expiry of evaluation period.

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Are you still using an earlier version of Rhino?

If you have one of the following,
- Rhinoceros 1.0
- Rhinoceros 2.0
- Rhinoceros 3.0
- Rhinoceros 4.0

... you are eligible to buy the Rhinoceros 5 upgrade license.

The Rhinoceros 5 upgrade commercial license is USD495.00 only. Buy it now! Call us now for the best upgrade offers!

Each existing license is entitled for one upgrade only. Call us or check directly with McNeel & Associates if you need to verify eligibility for upgrade.

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