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About Us

Nosco Consultancy was established in 2001.  We had started out by providing business related software and training to companies in Singapore.  The business relationships forged over the years had allowed us to diversify the nature of our business and venture into new areas and bring us to where we are now.

We are privileged to have a substantial customer base in the private and public sector in Singapore and the South Asian region.  We are also a registered vendor for the Singapore Government.

This website is an effort on our part to provide good quality products, valuable knowledge and detailed information to organisations and professionals.

If you find what you are looking for and feel that we have the knowledge and experience to be of service to your business, do give us a call.

Some of the products that we carry are:

  • Rhinoceros (3D design software)
  • Flamingo (render plug-in for Rhino)
  • Brazil for Rhino (render plug-in for Rhino)
  • Penguin (non-photorealistic render plug-in for Rhino)
  • Bongo (animation plug-in for Rhino)
  • V-Ray for Rhinoceros (render plug-in for Rhino)
  • V-Ray for Sketchup (render plug-in for Sketchup)
  • V-Ray for 3ds Max (render plug-in for 3ds Max)
  • KeyShot (render software)
  • Orca3D (hull design plug-in for Rhino)
  • RhinoGold (jewellery design plug-in for Rhino)
  • madCAM (CAD / CAM plug-in for Rhino)
  • Simlab Composer (CAD to 3D PDF exporter)
  • Charlyrobot CNC milling machines
  • Geomagic software
  • 3Dconnexion 3D mouse (3D controller device)

*All tradenames used in this website, are the property of the owner of those trade names.

Nosco Consultancy. Established 2001 in Singapore. All rights reserved.